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v.2.1.2 (February 8, 2023)
Added seven new blocks, did some more bug-fixing with auto-attack [report any bugs if you encounter them to the Discord], and fixed some sizing issues.

v.2.1.1 (February 6, 2023)
Significant bugs (such as buggy auto-attack) has been fixed, nerfed some weapons (specifically Berserker & Broserker), did some optimizations, and completely renovated the lobby UI [my bad for the long update time, I'll try to keep it consistent now]. Future also switched the game over to his server handler.

v.2.1.0 (December 27, 2022)
Development is now took over by NeilP06 from this point onwards: cleaned up some code to optimize a little bit, added auto-attack key, fixed some bugs regarding dash, improved the in-game UI, changed the map generation to be more spacious, and added some information in the game lobby. Note: accounts are disabled for now and will be worked in another update.

Building & Mining Update- v.2.0.0

May 19, 2022
Almost fully implemented building, mining, inventory, and crafting. 50+ new blocks and items. The ground color has been changed to green, and various decorative blocks cover the ground. New trees that are blocks have been added. Added new generation patterns and rivers. A primitive accounts feature has been added, (contact developer to create account). The title screen was changed to a new style. New golden shapes have been added that give skins when killed (account needed to gain skins). Various bug fixes and lots of under the hood changes.

v.1.5.1 (April 4, 2022)
New WIP factions button at the right underneath the leaderboard. Nerfed triple crossbow.

Combat I Update - v.1.5.0

April 3, 2022
Added 6 new weapons, the Warrior, Archer, Thinblade, Knight, Berserker, Winged Bow, Crossbow, and Triple Crossbow. Added xp orbs and deadly spiky shapes. Many bug fixes. Added trees that spawn around the map. New block textures for terrain. Added a notifications bar at the top left.

v1.4.3 (March 25, 2022) - Added building which is currently work in progress. You can also mine blocks. Added a mining upgrade which makes it easier to mine.

v1.4.2 (March 17, 2022) - Added a dash ability and dash upgrades - press space do dash, you dash toward the mouse cursor. The xp bar now shows how close you are to the next level.

v.1.4.1 (March 15, 2022) - Added upgrade counter at the bottom left.

v.1.4.0 (March 12, 2022) - Randomly generated terrain now spawns around the map. Lots of bug fixes.You can no longer shoot through walls.

v.1.3.5 (March 12, 2022) - Added the invite link to the funny dots discord server.

v.1.3.4 (March 9, 2022) - Added terrain blocks which you cannot go over.

v.1.3.3 (March 7, 2022) - Added large red very rare shape which gives lots of xp and a blue shape which gives more than yellow shapes but is less common than them. You can now see what you type in the chat and messages are aligned. Green shapes have more health.

v.1.3.2 (March 6, 2022) - Upgrade limits added, new green shapes across the map heal you when destroyed.

v.1.3.1 (March 5, 2022) - Random shapes spawn across the map that you can kill for xp. Various bug fixes.

v.1.3.0 (March 4, 2022) - The game is now scrollable, you are always in the center of the screen. Higher resolution. New upgrade: small. Various bug fixes for upgrades and removed being able to kill yourself. Increased changelog size.

v.1.2.0 (March 3, 2022) - Added upgrades (speed, regen, and health)

v.1.1.6 (March 2, 2022)- Added levels, kill counter, random spawning, a few chat fixes, and secret colors for OG players.

v.1.1.5 - Primitive chat feature

v1.1.4 - No more hiding!

v1.1.3 - Added xp and leaderboard

v.1.1.2 - Patch notes box bigger and useless updates

v.1.1.1 - Added name limit (25 characters) and this changelog

v.1.1.0 - Added random colors, usernames, hp, and a basic shooting weapon.

v.1.0.0 (Feb 26, 2022) - funny dots created.